Accountant and online entrepreneur, Andy Mackow founded Thirty Minute Coach in April 2015. Before that it was not in his master plan to get into marketing, in fact numbers were his life.

Without a doubt, these days, creating high-quality and easy to follow training products and courses are a passion for Andy and his team. This is for ANYONE who wants to become successful online and consequently build the lifestyle of their dreams. We are here to help.

On this blog, we will be publishing regular content. Along with the content, links to our products , details of live training sessions and other phenomenal resources.

If you have ever dreamed of creating a five, six or even seven figure income stream. Dreamed of, claiming complete financial independence. Getting everything you want from your life, in addition doing this in an ethical, consistent and scalable way, we are determined to help you do it,

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A Quick Message From Our Founder at Thirty Minute Coach:


Let me tell you a bit about myself and why this blog has been put together. I am a fully qualified accountant both in the UK and Australia. After working for some well known corporations, I moved to Spain. This was initially to downsize but soon found myself building a successful consultancy practice helping UK expats through my business coaching services.

In early 2011 I added online business consultancy to my portfolio of services. This got me into blogging and helping clients achieve an online presence. This was both on the world wide web. Later I added social media.

I have attended many Internet Marketing conferences both in Europe and the United States. From my travels I have added many high profile marketers in my friends circle. Regular contact with them keeps me up to date with what they are currently working with.

Moreover, in my quest to help more people and more businesses, in 2015 I launched Thirty Minute Coach. A training company providing training for online entrepreneurs. The aim is to provide information in the clear concise way that I am know for in the business world. The training is suitable for both the beginner. Its suitable for the seasoned business person. In fact, anyone wishing to establish their successful businesses online.

Furthermore, the mission of Thirty Minute Coach is simple:

“To help people globally build sustainable and profitable online businesses through quality, easily digestable training, each of thirty minutes or less”

Enjoy this blog and let me know what you think!!

About Us at Thirty Minute Coach Founder Andy Mackow

Andy Mackow
Thirty Minute Coach

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