How To Make Money From Home As An Affiliate Marketer

affiliat marketing

If you’re interested in marketing and you want to start making money from home, then becoming an affiliate marketer might well be a great choice.

Affiliate marketers are people who sell products online in exchange for a commission and hence potentially this is an incredibly easy and lucrative way to make money from the comfort of your home office.

So How Does It Work?

Basically, when you become an affiliate marketer you will be selling products in exchange for a cut of the price paid for that product, in other words a commission. Companies are willing to give away a percentage of their profits – sometimes even the lion’s share of them – because they realize that the work you’ll put in will be greater the more commission you earn.

Any sales you generate will be in addition to their regular sales, giving more reason not to offer you a good rate. Its win win for both you and the product vendor. So, lets just throw out there that, in theory if you sell a popular product and do it well you can become a millionaire never having created anything yourself!

It’s unlikely to go that well sure, but it’s not unprecedented, there are many, many affiliate marketers out there that have done just that!

Still unsure why a company or individual would give you 60% of their profits? Then look at it from their perspective: in the case of digital products, such as online courses, they’ve made their product once and they now have a legion of marketers selling it for them with no up-front costs. Don’t feel bad for them!

50 Sterling

Further more some product creators now pay 100% even 200% commissions when you sell their products as they can then resell other items to the customers you have provided for them.

As an affiliate, all you need to do is to encourage people to buy their product by clicking your link. When they click your unique link, the seller knows that you were the person who sent them and thus you will earn your cut.

An additional advantage is that all customer service is the responsibility of the product vendor not you, another less thing to think about.


So How to do It, How Do You Become An Affiliate Marketer?

First you need to think about what you want to sell. Of course some products are more profitable than others from your perspective – and if you sell a membership you will often get profits for the entire time that that person stays a member, something called Recurring Income.

But at the same time it’s also a good idea to sell a product you believe in, are interested in and care about. This way you will have more knowledge on the subject and will be more convincing when you try to sell it.
Let me know what you think, do you agree or disagree? What would you like to learn about to make an online income, please comment below I am interested in what your views are.

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