How to Make Money Writing Articles

Articles form 50% to 90% of all content on a website or blog. These articles designed to attract visitors, a recent study found.  Immediately this opens up the case of making money online writing articles. The visitors to the site then convert into paying customers as a result. This is exactly why, if you have good writing skills you can make a good income living online writing articles as a freelance writer.

So, what important skills are required to make it to the top? 

Importantly, the articles will be expected to be free of spelling and grammatical errors. A good command of the English language is required. Readability is important.  Furthermore, write using simple sentences that are easy to understand by your targeted readership.

Secondly, You will need to know how to construct those articles. You should be an expert in the subject you are writing on or alternatively have particularly good research skills. When you are researching you will need to find and read a few articles around the chosen subject.  You must not make the mistake of accidentally copying sections from the researched content word for word. If you do, your new article will fail a scan. Used Industrywide Worldwide Copyscape is an online resource. It checks for plagiarism. This is when content is taken from another source without the appropriate credit or acknowledgment).

For certain you will need to understand search engine optimization and how to optimize the articles you write.  As a result, by including the desired keywords, will ensure the search engines will rank the articles. The better visibility (or higher ranking) your articles have in your search results the more likely they will attract interest and readership.  This helps to attract prospective (and maybe existing) customers to your client’s website or blog using organic search.  If not, the articles you write for your clients will not be picked up by Google or other search engines and ranked as highly.  The worldwide web will lose them.  If your clients are paying you for quality articles, articles that will be loved by Google, found and read by visitors, you will no doubt have some very dissatisfied clients.

A Simple Guide Outlining the Steps to Making Money Writing Great Articles:

1. Plan:  Firstly, you choose your topic, create an outline for your article post, do your research and check any facts you are going to include.   Know who your audience is, who you will be reading your article so that you can write for them.

2. Craft Headline:  Second, you need to capture the readers’ attention, draw them in, make them want to read your article due to curiosity.

3. Write Article:  Third, either in a single sitting or piece by piece over multiple sessions.  Keep in mind search engine optimisation (SEO) as you write the article.

4. Add Sparkle:  Next, make your article stand out, add humor, improve its reading flow, add images, and explain any complex topics

5. Review:  Lastly, read the article out aloud, check it, avoid repetition, ensure sentences and paragraphs are short, check it again, add subheadings and bullet points, check it again but whatever happens try not to be a perfectionist.

Furthermore, there are several excellent freelance sites where you can sign up and then get your chance to bid on jobs where clients are looking for writers. Each job post will have its own criteria determined by the potential client.  Some of these sites charge writers a monthly fee and a lower commission.  Others do not charge a monthly fee and have a higher commission.  Read the site’s policies and fee structures to find out more.  Examples of such sites are,, and

Making Money Writing Articles Using Revenue Sharing Sites

Another great way to make money by writing articles is writing for revenue-sharing sites.  From the total income paid to the site in advertising revenue you get a percentage. Referred to as passive income, several news sites use this type of structure. It allows for fresh new content to be provided for the news site on an ongoing basis.  In return, the author has the opportunity to earn income.

Another option is to write articles and then post them on your own blog.  You can then set up advertising from sources such as Google Adsense, or any other third-party banners that allow you to earn revenue from your visitors.

In conclusion, article writing is a great way to make money online. It is interesting, it allows you to be creative, express yourself and it allows you to set your own rates. One thing for sure, the more experienced you are, the higher earnings you can demand.

Are you an article writer, what advice can you give to help people write outstanding articles?  Concerning the points outline above, let me know what you think, do you agree or disagree?  What would you like to learn about to make an online income?  Please comment below. Your views and interests are important to me…

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