I’m doing a challenge The Quick Start Challenge

Well I am so excited to be part of this this year, in fact I went out celebrating, and nearly got arrested.

Why is this so exciting, well this year is the fourth Quick Start Challenge run by Dean Holland and Craig Crawford… two highly seasoned Internet marketers.

Dean Holland is the man when it comes to internet marketing in my eyes, the guy is amazing, he’s got so many accolades behind him.  Coming from a relatively simple background whilst working in an office he decides to leave and build a membership site and now he runs a multi million dollar company, he is the brains behind iPro.  Craig Crawford what can you say about Craig Crawford, again the guy is a genius when it comes to Internet marketing recently launching the new AIWIS platform which I will be using on this blog as well.

So why you may ask am I taking part in The Quick Start Challenge. Well I want to start up quickly, a new internet marketing business and it’s going to be called thirtyminutecoach.com.  But just to say if you’re not part of this you should be, and if you’re part of this I’m looking forward to working with you guys.

Oh and how did the celebrations end… see for yourself?

I love a great party, thankyou for inviting me to this one!!

I’ll update the blog next week, let’s see how we get on.

Thank you.

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