Why Are Info Products The Fastest Way To Start Your Own Online Business?

Most successful online marketers create and sell their own products, its big business.  Just take a moment and consider just how many digital products and courses you purchased over the last year, in fact consider this again, how many have you purchased over the last month?  It’s a multi billion-dollar industry, a multi billion dollar global 24/7 industry, infact, a multi billion dollar global ever growing industry, with room for you to come along and join in.

It is by far one of the best ways to leverage your time as you will build your product once and sell it over and over and over again.

Creating your product is easy, so is the method of delivery.  When someone places an order, and pays for the product, all they then need to do is access the download page and receive their product, whether that be an ebook, a video or an audio, or maybe all three.

Anyone can start an Info Product Business Model, and turn their expertise and knowledge into a viable online business.  Heck, even if they need to research the subject first, and then convert their findings into a product, that would also work.

The choice of format of the product needent unnecessarily cause concern, as it can be anything from a simple ebook to a complex members’ area, and can take the role of teaching someone something or can be a fully-fledged training program where participants not only interact with each other but with the material contained within the training program.

The Info Product Business Model has many benefits, lets go through the major ones.

Firstly, due to the fact that you create the product once and sell it many times, the cost of manufacture, design and production is very, very low, together with minimal transaction costs, no postage costs, no staff, no warehosing, there are significant margins in this business type.

Because we have these significant margins, the net profit is very high, meaning more money in your pockets.  In other words, you keep the majority of the sales revenue that you generate as compared to other business models such as amazon FBA or amazon affiliate – if you’ve never heard of these, don’t worry they are just two other types of online business models.

There are no logistical delivery issues, to get the product delivered all that the customer has to do is download the product, often via login details sent to them after payment – all done automatically.

You don’t need to physically replicate the product as market demands.  If another digital product is sold, the digital copy is simply downloaded through the automated system that is The Info Product Business Model.

If you establish authority through releasing good quality material that people can use to help them solve a current problem, or improve their life in some way, you will over a period of time gain a competitive advantage and become that go to person; so, people will buy and buy at higher and higher prices.

To begin, all you need is to know something others want to know and then be able to put that in to a format that others can learn from.

It’s a very simple business to run, payment, and delivery is automated, customer service and product creation requires in most cases very little of your time.  In addition, there is no extensive organizational structure to manage, everything is kept simple.

There are no employees (except maybe a few outsourcers), so there are no employee issues such as management issues, wages, and all of the other problems that arise where employees are concerned.

You can make big money, if you have a highly-automated funnel where one product is offered after the next to your buyers, increasing in price each time, the revenue builds as people buy multiple products from you.

The more you sell and the more you become known as a great provider of information this in turn can set your website up as an authority and a go to place, in its own right.  The more you and your products are mentioned by influencers in your niche, the more you build your reputation in that niche the more influence you can cast over your niche.

It’s a hands-off model, of course this is dependant on the traffic sources you employ and any customer service issues that crop up, but in the main the sales, delivery and back end sales processes are in the main hands off due to the automation employed in such a business.

There are no capacity restrictions.  Unlike a physical product where bottleknecks develop as you produce more and more product to sell, you develop operational issues, need more staff and also buy more equipment.  You do not get these restrictions when using the info product business model due to the digital and automated nature of the product.  You are, in fact, only limited by the capacity of the web hosts server, as the products are delivered automatically electronically, the payments & invoicing are handled by the shopping cart and payment gateway.  You can handle one sale as easily as 1,000 sales.

Most importantly for most people you can run this business from anywhere in the world where you can get an internet connection, whether that be a beach, an apartment block in a major city or a tropical Island.

You can make money whilst you sleep.  Indeed, yes sir!  Once you have the automated sales process in place, you sell in a 24/7 global market which means sales happen 24/7, even whilst your fast asleep.

The first step to setting up your own info product business model is to select the niche you want to operate in.  This can be hit and miss at best, but the better the niche you select which fits YOUR criteria the more chances you have of success.  If you want to use our own trusted niche selection method you can download it here.


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