How To Get More Of Your Emails Opened

So you sent your email and what a great email it was! But then you check the stats and your heart drops and hits the floor. You had only a couple of opens.

Now, there can be many reasons why this may have happened, it’s not all doom and gloom, necessarily, because there may be a fix.

Let’s consider some of the reasons why So that you can understand some of the most common pitfalls for emails that never get opened, and possible rectifying solutions.

What Was The Temperature Of Your List?

Every subscriber you have on any of your lists that you send your email out to, can be viewed as having a temperature, relating to how well they know, like and trust you. A new subscriber who just joined your list may not yet know you, let alone like and trust you. But as they consume your information more and more, providing of course it’s good quality information, if they like it and they are getting value, they will “warm“ to you; knowing, liking and trusting you more and more.

This warmth increases as the customer continues on their journey, through whatever you supply them, by buying increasingly more expensive products, reading your emails, watching videos on your YouTube channel, and maybe even interacting with you on social media. As they become warmer and warmer they will be waiting for your emails, opening them soon as they hit their inbox. So if your brand is relatively unknown and you’ve had no interaction with the target subscriber you could be setting yourself up for failure, but there are ways to warm up an audience through say an engagement sequence.

Your Message Fell Straight Into The Junk Bin.

One of the increasing frustrations of sending emails during campaigns is that more and more increasingly emails are landing in the spam/trash folder and once they are there, and fortunately they never get opened.

Email clients, none some more than Gmail, tend to have more and more advanced spam filters but there are a number of simple steps that you can take such as not having a deceptive subject line that includes words such as support, your payment, or other such words which are basically trying to fool the person to open up your email.

Also, along the same lines don’t try to fool people by claiming that that you are somebody that you’re not such as a different company or a government agency to encourage them to open.

A simple way to avoid your emails being perceived spam is by not spamming. Remember you are trying to build sense of trust so be upfront about your message.

Your Message Totally Missed The Readers Interest.

Are you sure that you are sending the right messages to the targets who are receiving the email. Does a florist open emails about dog grooming, unlikely, unless they are also dog lovers interested in dog grooming, unlikely, but are more likely to open emails about flower arranging, fertilisers and ribbons. Someone is not into Internet marketing, are they likely to open emails about Internet marketing, hardly, but imagine, if they are into Facebook advertising and you send them an email about a change in Facebook concerning advertising. Now they are more likely to open it, so, think about who your target is, what they are interested in and other demographics, you need to know what the customer avatar or otherwise known as the customer persona is so you can talk to them in their language about their interests, increasing vastly the chances of them opening the email.

Be Upfront, Not Deceptive

A further note here is don’t be pushy, don’t be salesy, don’t frighten people to open up the email, research the language used in the niche and use it. As per the previous point be upfront, don’t try to deceive, and be congruent to their interests.

Subject Line – What Subject Line

Is the subject line important, you better believe it!! It is the ultimate reason to open the email. If it’s boring, samey, or plain old non appetising, people may not open the email.

So, what can you do here to make the subject line the recipient to open the email? As mentioned earlier the average person will receive around 100 emails per day some people even more so your message needs to stand out in the inbox don’t use generic subject lines that everyone else is using don’t use spammy subject lines that just don’t work any more.

Get some intrigue going through the subject line that makes them wanna click!!

And if maybe put yourself in the shoes of the average person who is going to receive your email, what do they do they sit there and they scroll through their emails during their lunch break, what are they looking for?

Now Go Do It!!

So what we have discussed here, is what we can do to get your emails delivered. We have discussed different strategies on how you could increase the chances of your email being opened by making your subject line so appealing that they have no other choice but to open it and find out what is about. But remember it needs to be relevant to them, it needs to stay out of the spam/trash folder, and they need to be at least a little bit warm because they know, like and trust you, to some extent. Experiment with your list, split test, its not an exact science, but you can find what your list reacts to.

Click To Download Email Infographic

Now once the email is opened, you then need to consider what you are going to put in the email. I have designed an infographic to take you through this. You can download my infographic which shows the structure of a common email and tips on how to get the reader to click on the call to action Click Here To Download Email Infographic


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